Who I am and Why I am here

Who am I? A question which has confused me and made me sit up late at nights to get a proper answer. Me, from exterior what the usual mortal beings know is a crazy, 2nd year engineering student, an artist, loves chaos and live totally out of the box. This creature when walks into a place makes it home and can talk out and communicate with any kind of people. Yes, that’s what Sagarnil Majumdar is to people but I know there is got to be more to it. I am very easily misunderstood and judged as I am brutally honest and sarcastic most of the times. So, all my feelings and thoughts get clustered up in my head and that feels really claustrophobic. I need someone, somewhere, somehow to listen to all the things that is in my head and also respond to it in some way and I guess writing everything up and letting the people know seemed a good option. I like admiring the nature and how it works so much in co-ordination with everything and destroys anything that doesn’t follow it’s laws. I like to make people smile because life is too short to be sad and I know what being sad feels like. I collect information about various stuff, anything that fascinates me. People say that I a negative most of the time but it’s not like that, I am a realist. I see the practical side of every situation and act and comment accordingly. So, here I am … starting my blogs, letting everyone know my views, thoughts and information on various topics.

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